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Established in 2016, the Royal Dog Chew is a US-based company headquartered in Pennsylvania. Our dog chew is an all-natural, easy-to-digest, nutrient-balanced and healthy dog treat made from Himalayan yak and cow milk.


We are a group of hardworking farmers, organic inspectors, scientists, researchers and trained experts from the regions of Mount Everest who regularly trek into the high altitudes to collect handmade hard cheese. This local cheese then goes through processing (on and off the farm) and quality testing at organized dairy cooperatives in eastern Nepal and Kathmandu. The result is the healthiest dog chew that complies with the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).




  • 100% all-natural ingredients including local Himalayan yak and cow milk with salt and lime juice.
  • Contains high protein and very low-fat content.
  • NO lactose, gluten, grain (including corn, soy or wheat) or binding agents.
  • NO artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, chemicals, additives or rawhide.
  • Easily digestible, long-lasting and low-odor it also does not stain floors or carpets and is microwave-safe.


Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are paramount concerns at Royal Dog Chew. We also have the greatest respect for dogs and the people who love them around the globe. So every day, our mission is to make the most authentic, natural and high-quality treats that offer the greatest value to your dog’s well-being.



To deliver on our mission of authentic, natural and high-quality treats for health-conscious dog owners, we remain committed to using only the best ingredients, innovative ideas and technologies which allow us to consistently deliver natural, nutritious and healthy dog treat products.


We do not divert the local consumption of milk; however, we trek further up in the Himalayan regions to collect raw materials for the production of the dog chews, and promote it in the local, national and international setting.


As part of our corporate Social Responsibility and values, we are committed to the health of our milking animals in Nepal; the well-being of all our team members (including the Himalayan farms) and also the dogs and the health-conscious owners who love them.

Our commitment to the best care begins right from the birth of the yaks and cows whose milk is used for the Royal Dog Chews. We work with the farmers to give them the knowledge, expertise and competency to ensure the healthiest milking animals for the highest quality milk.

We also work with these impoverished farmers in sharing knowledge to help them build and grow in their risk-abundant areas to minimize their losses and maximize their profits.

And finally, we are committed to you, the dog owner. Every single day, our mission is always to source the best and healthiest ingredients and create the most authentic, natural and high-quality treats for your dog’s well-being and your peace of mind as a health-conscious dog owner.

The high Himalayan regions of Nepal have not been negatively affected by the toll of climate change and this is reflected in the superior quality of the milk. The yaks and cows inhabiting these high altitude pastures are also cared for in a caring, humane and natural way.

Since the production of the hard cheese for the Royal Dog Chews has escalated, these farmers are now playing a vital role in the conservation of the endangered yak. The farmers have also learned about the value of maintaining the natural pasture and vegetation and are committed to cultivating quality fodder and forage for their animals. They also remain vigilant again the misuse of the plants and grasses that grow in their neighborhoods.

We believe your dog deserves the healthiest treats and with the Royal Dog Chew, you get exactly that!

Royal Dog Chew does not produce dog treats that contain rawhide, high fat, gluten, grain, binding agents, lactose or any artificial colors, additives, chemicals or preservatives.

Our production facilities operate under strict hygienic conditions and we conduct regular quality testing (on and off the farm) to make sure we only produce a high-quality dog treat. We ensure all our products have low-fat, high-protein and contain only 3 natural ingredients: pure milk (from free-range, non-cross-bred yaks and cows grazing in the high Himalayan mountains), lime and salt.

Tens of thousands of poverty-stricken farmers live in the higher altitudes of Nepal. They depend on traditional hand-milking and selling to the local markets (for making Chhurpi or other milk-based products) to sustain themselves and their families. However, most of these farmers do not have long-term, sustainable markets for their milk, especially in the higher regions of Nepal.

By our team members trekking up into these higher mountains (which are inaccessible by roads and modern transportation) and purchasing their products, we proudly contribute in supporting these families sustain their way of life and traditions.


Nepal is a nation of yak cheese eaters and one of the few places in the world where yak milk is used for making cheese.

Royal Dog Chews are made from both local yaks and cows foraging in natural alpine pastures of grass and vegetation at altitudes above 15,000 feet in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas in Nepal.

In 2008, a team of researchers, led by Professor Brian McBride of the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, concluded that yak cheese has 3 times more beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids than cheddar cheese.

We are actively working with and encouraging our farmers in the Himalayas to protect and cultivate the natural pasture, vegetation, and fodder to maintain the natural, free-range feeding of our milking animals as well as its high-quality milk and cheese.


More than 2,000 people are involved in the production of our dog chews; most of them are living under the poverty line. With our strong commitment in Fair Trade, we do not divert – or negatively impact – the local consumption of products. Instead, we trek further up in the Himalayan regions (inaccessible by roads and modern transportation) to collect the raw materials for the production of our dog chews. We purchase these products at a fair market price enabling the farmers to continue producing these high-quality products.


We take our corporate Social Responsibility very seriously at Royal Dog Chew and are focused on helping the street dogs in the Kathmandu Valley.

According to a census conducted by Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center (KAT), there are more than 20,000 street dogs living in the streets. Almost all of these street dogs are suffering from the lack of healthy and clean food, kindness and care. In addition, due to the leftovers and garbage they eat, most are suffering from a variety of untreated illnesses and diseases.

As part of our Social Responsibility, we are allocating a percentage of our profits to implement dog feeding campaigns for these forgotten and homeless dogs.

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