Quality Assurance

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Eurofins Scientific Inc. Nutrition Analysis Center, 2200 Rittenhouse Street, Suite 150, Des Moines, IA 50321 & Department of Food Technology And Quality Control, Kathmandu, Nepal.





With a belief and commitment to quality, The Royal Dog Chew is prepared from a 100% natural and authentic artisan hardened cheese (called Chhurpi). This traditional cheese is made from the milk of local cows and yaks foraging in the natural alpine pastures of grass and natural vegetation at altitudes above 15,000 feet in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas in Nepal. These regions have not been negatively affected by inorganic materials or climate change and this is reflected in the superior quality of the milk that is collected.

Thousands of hardworking and impoverished farmers living in the Himalayan regions of eastern Nepal, hand-milk every yak and cow into buckets and then kettles which are transported to quality-approved dairy cooperatives in Eastern Nepal and Kathmandu.

Once the milk is collected at the cooperatives, Quality Inspectors test the quantity, quality, composition, and hygiene of the milk. The following tests are done with every batch of milk to ensure consistent, high-quality, healthy and nutritious Royal Dog Chews for you and your dog.





a. Lactometer Test

In order to confirm the quality of all collected milk, lactometer testing is done at all dairy cooperatives before accepting the milk from the local farmers. Lactometer testing measures the density of the milk and the concentration of water. At 15 degrees Celsius (approximately 59 degrees Fahrenheit), the normal density of milk ranges from 1.028 to 1.033 g/ml; whereas the density of water is 1.0 g/ml. So if the lactometer tests measure a higher concentration of water, the Quality Inspector will not purchase the milk from the farmer.


c. Fat Testing

Fat testing is also an integral part of our rigorous quality testing. Trained personnel at the dairy collection center test all milk and accept milk that only contains 0.7 to 1.0% of fat. This is done because most dogs can tolerate less than 2% fat. Higher percentages of fat can result in vomiting and intestinal problems in dogs.


d. Nutrient Testing

Testing for milk nutrients is done at the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control in Kathmandu. All milk approved for the Royal Dog Chews must have the following percentages of nutrients:

  • 51 to 54% of protein;
  • 30 to 32% of carbohydrates; and
  • 5 to 6% ash food.


e. Texture Testing

After the final cleaning and shaping of the final products, they are tested for texture match, a mandatory testing phase set by our Quality Assurance Department. The finished product is wrapped with jute stripe to give smooth texture to the product.

b. Moisture Test


Moisture testing is undertaken with the use of Wagner Moisture Meters before transporting it to Kathmandu-based station. Quality Inspectors accept the product having the moisture of 10 to 11 %.

Ongoing Organic

Royal dog chew is an all-natural and organic by default hard cheese that is made from yak or cow milk. Contains no chemicals, no preservatives, and no additives. The chew maintains high protein content, and a very low fat. Our production facilities operate under strict hygiene conditions and are undergoing the process of Organic Certification as per NOP-USDA, EEC-Europe and NPOP-India under Lacon-GMBH (Germany)

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